CJH-PA1000iC, CJH-PA1002iC, CJH-PC1003iCT, CJH-PC1004iCT, WHA-BT1000iD, WHA-BT1010iD, WHA-LX1000iD Clean Cover

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Clean Cover for PA10, PC10, BT10, LX10, Parts - Cuchen US

* There are 2 different clean covers for WHA-LX1000 (old model / new model).

On your rice cooker: If the clean cover release button has the word "PUSH" written on it, this item is the right part. 

Otherwise, Click here.

Clean Cover SUB for

  • WHA-LX1000iDUS (10 Cup) New Model
  • CJH-PA1000iCUS (10 Cup)
  • CJH-PA1002iCUS (10 Cup)
  • CJH-PC1003iCTUS (10 Cup)
  • CJH-PC1004iCTUS (10 Cup)
  • WHA-BT1000iDUS (10 Cup)
  • WHA-BT1010iDUS (10 Cup)

    Does not include rubber packing.


    * Parts are NON-refundable. Contact us if you have any questions.

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