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CJE-B2801 (28Cup) Silver

Regular price $229.99
Cuchen Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer 28-Cup CJE-B2801 - Cuchen US

Commercial Rice Cooker & Warmer

  • Commercial Use: 28 Cup
  • NSF Certified
  • Inner Cooking Pot – Non-stick coated
  • Major parts have strong durability
  • Light Indicator and Control Lever to select an operation
  • Buttons are in English and Korean
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Provides even distribution of heat
  • Cook / Automatic Keep-Warm – outstanding performance
  • 2-Level Safety Device: prevents overheating
  • Temperature Control Device
  • Made In Korea

      업소용 전기 보온 밥솥

      • 업소용 취사용량: 28컵
      • NSF 인증
      • 두꺼운 열판 논스틱 내솥
      • 튼튼한 내구성
      • 스테인리스 스틸 
      • 상태 알림 불빛 + 레버 스위치로 작동
      • 한국어와 영어 버튼
      • 고른 열 분포
      • 취사 / 보온, 뛰어난 보온력
      • 과열시 전원 차단 장치
      • 중앙온도 조절 장치
      • 보온모드 자동전환 장치로 예상치 못한 사고를 미리 예방합니다.
      • Made In Korea
      Item # CJE-B2801
      Cup size 28 Cup
      Weight 26 lbs
      Voltage 120V / 1600W
      Warranty 1 year from the date of purchase
      • Warranty

      Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase. 

      Warranty covers repair cost for technical issues, malfunctioning of the cooker. Replacement of parts such as rubber packing, inner pot, etc. is not covered by warranty.

      To claim a warranty, you will be asked to submit a proof of purchase (receipt with date stamp) and a warranty card provided at the time of purchase. Please email us at

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