CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red

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CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red
CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red
CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red
CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red
CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red
CJH-VES1000SKUS (10Cup) Claret Red

Venus II Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • 10 Cup
  • Heat/Steam Resistant Dyking Coating
  • Cast Iron (Gama) Inner Pot
    • Clean Cover – detachable
    • Auto Cleaning Mode
    • Auto Keep-Warm / Reheat
    • Timer / Reservation Cooking - "Start cooking in _ hours" setting
    • Auto Temperature Sensor – monitors cooking & keep-warm temperatures
    • LCD Display
    • Buttons are in English and Korean
    • Speedy cook for mixed rice in 29 minutes
    • Made in Korea

    비너스 II 인덕션 압력 밥솥

    • 10컵
    • 열, 스팀에 강한 다이킹 코팅 무쇠가마 내솥
      • 클린커버 분리 가능
      • 자동세척 
      • 자동 보온 / 재가열
      • 타이머 예약취사 - "몇시간 후 취사" 시간 간격으로 예약 가능
      • 자동 온도 센서 – 취사 / 보온 온도 
      • LCD 화면
      • 한국어와 영어 버튼
      • 세계최초 29분 대 잡곡 쾌속
      • Made in Korea

      Why IH Pressure Rice Cooker?

      In an IH pressure rice cooker, an electric current is passed through coils around the pot. This produces a magnetic field, which in turn produces an electric current in the pot's metal. Metal heats up when an electric current runs through it, so the entire pot quickly rises to a high temperature and cooks the rice evenly. Meanwhile, conventional electric rice cookers transfer heat to the bottom only. This often results in the bottom rice burnt and the top rice dry. An IH pressure rice cooker can control the temperature and heating power to enable micro-customize the stickiness and taste for different rice types. IH pressure rice cookers are designed to deliver a bowl of delicious rice for everyone's preferences.

      IH 압력 밥솥의 특별함

      IH 압력 가열 방식이란 전자 유도 가열방식으로 내부에 감겨있는 가열코일에 의해 내솥 상하단 전부를 골고루 가열하는 최첨단 가열 방식을 말합니다. 기존의 가열방식과 다른 쿠첸의 다단 IH 기술은 전통 그대로 강한 화력의 장작불을 가마솥에 지핀 것처럼 내솥 전체를 통째로 가열하여 쌀 한알 한알 겉과 속까지 쫀득쫀득하고 맛있는 밥맛을 찾아드립니다. 기존의 가열방식에서 더 발전한 쿠첸 IH 압력 밥솥이 취향에 따라, 쌀의 종류에 따라 온도, 화력을 조절하여 모두의 입맛에 맛있는 밥을 만들어드립니다.

      Item # CJH-VES1000SKUS (Claret Red)
      Cup Size 10 Cup
      Weight 17.2 lbs
      Voltage 120V
      Warranty 1 year from the date of purchase
      • Warranty

      Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase. 

      Warranty covers repair cost for technical issues, malfunctioning of the cooker. Replacement of parts such as rubber packing, inner pot, etc. is not covered by warranty.

      To claim a warranty, you will be asked to submit a proof of purchase (receipt with date stamp) and a warranty card provided at the time of purchase. Please email us at cuchen@cuchenus.com

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