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CK-P181/O (6Cup) Refurbished

CK-P181/O (6Cup) Refurbished

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*Final Sale. Refurbished - As good as new. The outer box has slight damage.

Smart Programmable Multi-Use Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker,  Steamer, Yogurt Maker, Saute/Browning Pan, and Oven

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  • 6 Cup
  • Dyking coating: a coating technique specially designed for pressure cookers to minimize the invasion of steam particles into the coated layers of the inner pot under high temperature and pressure.
  • Comes with a FREE delicious Korean recipe cookbook with recipes including:
    • Entrées: Haemuljjim (Spicy Braised Seafood), Galbijjim (Braised Short Ribs), Dakjjim (Braised Chicken), Su-yuk (Korean Boiled Pork), Agwi-jjim (Steamed Blackmouth Angler), Steamed Mackerel, Braised  Cutlassfish, Braised Semi-Dried Pollock, Jangjorim (Soy Braised Beef), Boiled and Seasoned Peanut, 

    • Porridge: Dried Pollack Porridge, Vegetable Porridge, Tuna Porridge, Pumpkin Porridge, Sweet Pumpkin Nutritious Rice, Risotto
    • Soups: Ramen, Cheongguk-jang (Fermented Soybean Paste Soup), Bean Soup
    • Snacks and Desserts: Steamed Sweet Potatoes/Potatoes/Sweek Pumpkins/Corns, Steamed Dumplings/Hobbang (Korean Steamed Buns)/Steamed Egg, Peacan Pie, Blue Berry Muffin, Nuturious Glutinous Rice Cake, Cream Cheese Cake, Yogurt, Yogurt Cake, Cornbread, Cucumber Castella Cake
    • Tea: Jujube Tea, Ginger Tea, Barley Tea, Solomon's Seal Tea, Cassia Seed Tea
  • 4-step Pressure Selection
  • Keep-Warm + Reheat System
  • Reservation Cooking Feature
  • 12 safety function
  • Power consumption - 1200W - heated panel
  • Made in Korea

스마트 멀티 압력 밥솥 조리기

  • 6컵
  • 밥솥, 토스터 오븐, 베이킹, 조림, 찜기, 슬로우쿡, 요거트 메이커로 사용
  • Dyking 내스팀 코팅 내솥
  • 77가지 다양한 요리 방법 탑재:
    • 해물찜, 갈비찜, 닭찜, 수육, 아귀찜, 자반고등어찜, 김치찜, 달걀찜, 김치꽁치조림, 고등어조림, 갈치조림, 코다리조림, 장조림, 땅콩조림, 콩자반, 감자조림, 연근조림, 미역국, 콩나물국, 모시조갯국, 해물매운탕, 북엇국, 삼계탕, 갈비탕, 쇠고기뭇국, 배춧국, 굴국, 된장찌개, 청국장찌개, 김치찌개, 부대찌개, 순두부찌개, 멸치볶음, 감자채볶음, 제육볶음, 닭볶음탕, 오징어볶음, 낚지볶음, 잡채, 떡볶이
    • 북어죽, 채소죽, 참치죽, 호박죽, 단호박영양밥, 리조토, 고구마/감자 찌기, 옥수수/단호박 찌기, 냉동만두/호빵/달걀 찌기, 피칸파이, 블루베리머핀, 영양찹쌀케이크, 크림치즈케이크, 요구르트케이크, 옥수수빵, 오이카스텔라,
    • 대추차, 생강차, 보리차, 둥글레차, 결명자차, 라면, 청국장 콩삶기, 청국장, 요구르트, 콩국
  • 4단계 압력 조절
  • 보온 + 재가열 기능
  • 예약 기능
  • 악세서리 제공
  • 12중 안전 장치 채용
  • 1200W 열판
    Item # CK-P181/O (ORANGE)
    Cup Size 6 Cup
    Weight 17.5 lbs
    Voltage 1200W

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