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WM-0610 (6Cup) -Refurbished

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WM-0610 (6Cup), Micom Rice Cooker - Cuchen US
WM-0610 (6Cup) -Refurbished

Final Sale. Refurbished - Condition: Almost New.

Eve Micom Rice Cooker

  • 6 Cup
  • Micro-computerized technology for best rice cooking temperature
  • Inner cooking pan with 2.0mm, non-stick coating
  • Orange LCD display
  • Automatic Keep-Warm / Reheat
  • Preset Timer, Reservation Keep-Warm Alarm System
  • Automatic Cleaning Mode
  • Reservation Keep-Warm Alarm System
  • Separable Top Cover
  • Made in China

이브 마이콤 밥솥

  • 6인용
  • 마이크로 테크놀로지 기술로 완벽한 취사 온도
  • 2.0mm PTFE 논스틱 코팅 내솥
  • 오렌지 LCD 화면
  • 자동 보온 + 재가열 기능
  • 자동 세척 기능
  • 예약보온 알리미 기능
  • 분리형 탑 커버

Item # WM-0610RB
Cup Size 6 Cup
Weight 8.35 lbs
Voltage 120V
Warranty 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Warranty

Our refurbished rice cookers are tested by authorized service center technician to ensure the condition.

Warranty: 6 months from the date of purchase. 

Warranty covers repair cost for technical issues, malfunctioning of the cooker. Replacement of parts such as rubber packing, inner pot, etc. is not covered by warranty.

Refurbished rice cookers are final sale.

To claim a warranty, you will be asked to submit a proof of purchase (receipt with date stamp) and a warranty card provided at the time of purchase. Please email us at cuchen@cuchenus.com

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